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Indian Turban Religion

The history of Indian turban religion basic meaning of turban is a long cloth which is wrap around the head. In many countries, a turban is customary for men. Most of these people learn how to tie turban from their ancestors, so you will have a typical style of tying their turban. The turban meaning is different for every religion and community, but at the end of the day, it is a symbol of unity and respect. 

Turban Religion Style

As mentions earlier, there are many Indian turban religion styles and different ways to tie a turban. A Punjabi turban will usually be round around the edge and pointed on top. A Rajasthani turban will be overall rounded. A Patiala Shahi turban will have pleats around the side of your head and pointed on top. Typically, a Maharashtrian turban will have a loose pleat of cloth on top of your head with some loose cloth hanging behind your head- the hanging length of the loose cloth is totally optional. 

The Different type of Fashion Indian Turban Religion

Punjabi Turban

Its Indian turban religion most common head cover that you will see on men in north India. The Punjabi turban style is basically worn by Sikhs. these Punjabi turban styles change with the different sects of Sikhs. For example, Punjabi turban can even change from village to village as well as community to community.

Rajasthani Turban

Its Indian turban religion is typically round around the head. If you go to Rajasthan, you will see a lot of men wearing the Rajasthani turban. The Rajasthan turban is basically traditional to Rajasthan. – Its introduced by the Rajput rulers. Since Rajputs were the rulers of Rajasthan before Independent India, the Rajasthani turban is essentially a royal Rajasthani turban. The Rajasthani wedding turban is hence a tradition for all Rajasthani wedding, and even other formal functions and events.

Patiala Shai Turban

The city of Patiala in Punjab and other adjoining cities. Patiala was ruled by the Maharaj of Patiala, so he always wears this Patiala Shahi turban. How to tie a Patiala Shai turban, and how is it different from an Indian turban religion Punjabi turban you ask? The Patiala is basically tied by starting from one ear, taking the folded cloth across your head and down to the cloth another side of your head.

Sikh Turban 

The Sikh Indian turban religion Turban wears in many styles. The turban styles change depending on the community, region. The length and size of the Sikh turban also change with the community and region. The wearing of Sikh turban was made official policy by GuruGobind Singh Ji. The Sikh turban is a symbol of equality and promoting the Sikh identity.



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