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This Week’s Top Stories About Salwar Pants Women

Salwar Pants trends in bollywood and fashion make  it relatively harder to keep up with indian fashion trends. Leggings or denims have become a smoth replacement to age old churidar styles, tunics have become the new dupattas. while all of these are just as beautiful and appealing, they aren’t the perfect ‘alternative’ to indian cultural fashion.

The different types of salwar pants are a national favourite and originate from northern india. They are breezy, comfortable and never go out of fashion.

Types of Salwar PantsTraditional Outfit 

Patiala Salwar Pants – Most Popular  Among The Lot

As the name clearly suggests, ‘ patiala salwar’ originates from the city of patiala in punjab, india. This is one of the types of Salwar Pants that is really popular among Punjabi women across the globe. There are two types of patiala salwar which are lightly pleated and heavily pleated. Traditionally, patiala salwar are a part of three-piece outfit consisting of a kurta, duptta and salwar. The best combination in this types is short kurti with Patiala salwar.

Harem Salwar- All Time Favourite

Harem Salwar Pants are baggy, with elasticated ankles to add more voloume. A nicely fitted vest can make for a great harem pants women outfit. Serval top wear items look good with kurta, one of them being harem pants with kurta. These pants look good on almost every body type, and can seemingly slim down a person’s figure.

Printed Salwar – A Little Print Harmed No One Ever

Plan kurta with printed salwar is an outfit we have come to love. Salwar bottom patterns often comprise of lace and again, patches so you can mix and match it up with similar prints for top wear. So, if you are tried of the same old plain salwars you can grab a pair of printed salwars to dress up.

Sharara Salwar – Bring On The Retro

Sharara is a pair of loose fitted pants which gained fame in the 90s. They are loosely pleated and become broader from the waist down to the ankle. Long kurti with sharara is a commonly worn outfit, provided the kurti should have a straight fit. Long shirt with sharara is also a frequently seen combination and is the perfect way to merge comfort and style.

Culottes – Looks So Trendy With Kurtas

Culottes are  our personal favourites for four reasons – they are versatile, they look very sleek, they appear slimming and they are comfortable as hell! There are a lot of ways to wear culottes, our top pick being culottes with kurta! If you have had a bit too much with the kurta, you can also wear culottes with any kind of basics that you may have in your wardrobe.

Dhoti Salwar – Perfect Mix of North And South

A perfect blend of North Indian and South Indian fashion Salwar Pants, dhoti style salwar combines dhoti with salwar and still manages to retain the tradtional value and gorgeousness! It is heavily pleated and encricles your legs to form two inward arcs. Dhoti salwar with kurti can be a look that seems challenging but with the right choice, it’s really easy to pull off the dhoti salwar and okurti outfit.




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